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July 22, 2010 / michael

Glucool major update

I’ve received loads of feedback, comments, bug reports from Glucool users, and it has been very exciting to observe this increased interest. This also means I’ve had a lot of work to do in order to keep everyone happy : ) The result is Glucool v.1.2, and it is the first major upgrade since the initial launch three weeks ago.

The main improvements have been on the charts’ side, and in rough lines it looks like this:

  • New pie charts for BG and BP values, giving an easy overview of the distribution of values in a selected time interval (e.g. low, normal, high, very high BS);
  • Improved BG graphs: you can now choose to highlight any “time of the day”, and the daily average and individual readings can be hidden if your focus is on something else;
  • Improved insulin graphs: as intake of insulin goes hand in hand with BS values, I’ve decided make the insulin graphs look a little more like the BS graphs, where individual doses are just marked with dots. Bringing this idea further, I also added a plot of daily average insulin doses;
  • Improved weight graphs, where BMI ranges are now also shown; you can now easily see if you are in the green, yellow, or red zone.

Here are some examples:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Apart from that, I’ve made slight improvement to the alarms: when one is triggered and the notification shows up, you can now press the message, and you will be brought directly to the BG editor. Also, from the preferences, you can now set up custom ringtones – and thus never be in doubt when it is Glucool that is calling.

A few users seem to have had problems sending HTML reports by mail. I thought I had the solution (and as a by-product, also made it possible to send it using Gmail), but for a few it persisted. That’s why the report is now automatically written to the SD card when you press “Send”. If it doesn’t arrive, it can be fetched “manually” from the root of the SD card.

Finally, I’ve made a few aesthetic changes, notably in the BG editor, where comments, alarm and insulin have been moved to a separate tab. The hope is that everything fits on a single screen.

Am currently off for some holidays, but the ideas keep coming, so stay tuned, a lot of goodies are on their way!


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  1. Ellis Rodriguez / Oct 12 2010 12:37 pm

    Is there a way to “Lock In” the BG/Insulin and Carbs/Insulin ratios on the insulin calculator? I HATE having to input the ratios every time.



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